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A Mini Series in 3 parts Not since The Ten Commandments has there been an Epic of such Biblical proportions A cautionary tale of Human Sinfulness provoking the Wrath of God resulting in the Destruction of the Human Race. And there's a downside as well.







THE WHOLE PACKAGE5 Feature films in the
Romantic Thriller Genre
SEXY COMPELLING ADDICTIVE "these thrillers are meticulously plotted & beautifully paced, an exceptional offering." DESIRE - SEDUCTION - OBSESSION - SORCERESS - SORCERESS 2 Our first Feature is DESIRE‘A dark romantic thriller exploring the twin worlds of dependence and possession’.







CHIEF INSPECTOR SHANAHANis the detective who tackles the bizarre, spooky and seemingly unsolvable crimes that baffle others. It’s ‘Grimm’ meets ‘Endeavour’ as Shanahan investigates murder of the more supernatural* kind in this unique and engaging Detective series.









THE VIEW FROM THE TOP OF THE WORLD TV Series Get the low down on the High Life and the people who live it. All will be revealed when we take a closer look at the rich and infamous. TOP OF THE WORLD isset to become aMUST-SEE TVIN 2017







EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW BUT WERE AFRAID TO TRY A 6 part series exploring Human Sexuality in all its glorious complexities 1 Let me count the Ways 2 Enhancing your SEX LiFE 3 Erotic massage 4 Sex aids and how to use them 5 Dangerous SEX 6. The Chemistry of SEX









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