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"A STEAMY Erotic Thriller that makees 91/2 Weeks look like a lost Weekend." VTW Jenny Lindstrom is young, beautiful and bored - but she lives a passionate SEX life in her private fantasy world. But fantasy turns into DANGEROUS REALITY the day she meets Dr Quentin Donald and he proposes a bizarre bargain. For one month he will act out her fantasies, if she will do the same for him. Thus begins a NIGHTMARE of social, psychological and SEXUAL GAME playing. Can she survive?







In the style of ALFRED HITCHCOCK, a classic tale of psychological torment. One stormy night becomes an eternity of terror and distortion as Beth Owens battles her own mind in a desperate attempt to unravel the twisted illusions she must escape before it's too late...if only she can. REFLECTIONS is a Unique achievement for Filmmaker Geoffrey Brown. A small ensemble cast performs many of the more dramatic scenes in one take, for maximum impact.







Chief Inspector Shanahan is the detective who tackles the BIZARRE, SPOOKY & SEEMINGLY UNSOLVABLE crimes. When crusty Irish detective TOM SHANAHAN is assigned to investigate the bizarre murder of the lovely Luna, he has a hunch that he is dealing with more than the DEATH OF A HIGH CLASS CALL GIRL. His uncanny intuition picks up a trail of clues which enable him to penetrate the secret world of the CULT OF DIANA, aneo-pagan religion operating behind the front of an evangelical church. He peels off layer upon layer of deception to reveal the true working of the cult, and to expose the hypocrisy of the powerful men & women who run it for profit & enjoyment...








Friends, Ruby and Corbet have a mutual friend, Professor Von Dog-Reutter, who loves a scientific challenge and what better than to dabble in science and theology. The results are DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, demonic possession and general mayhem that draws colonial HOBART TOWN INTO THE 1990S. 158 years after his escape from Port Arthur, Kavendish's spirit returns. This film was released soon after the Port Arthur Masacre.  And was therefore has never been released in Australia. It did receive acclaim through FANGORIA AND THE INTERNATIONAL HORROR MARKET. 








"Leonora" is a story of a SEXUAL POWER STRUGGLE. It is a strongly EROTIC film which also deals in psychic mind games. The beautiful Leonora beomes involved in a lethal love triangle between her ruthless husband Simon, and her lover Mark. When Mark seeks the help of Helena a celebrated clairvoyant, we find that there are more than just sexual powers at work. And thus the bewitchment begins! The film now has a CULT FOLLOWING and is one of the most sought after hard to find VHS Australian movies.It has not yet been released on DVD or TV.










Cassie thought that the deserted beach town would be the perfect escape from the past, from her unfaithful lover and painful memories. PEACE IS SHORT-LIVED. In this serene town hides a sickening evil. Her only escape may be in the obscurity of a mental asylum. However, it is here the EVIL WILL FIND HER, creating fear,  and panic and realising her worst fears and nightmares. A Gory tale that will satisfy HORROR Aficionados 






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